RK Swamy BBDO Kolkata bags ‘Nola’ account

RK Swamy BBDO Kolkata bags ‘Nola’ account

Author | Indrani Sinha | Tuesday, May 01,2007 9:24 AM

RK Swamy BBDO Kolkata bags ‘Nola’ account

Kantain Food and Hospitality India (Pvt.) Ltd has recently rolled out a chain of restaurants and fast food outlets under the brand name of ‘Nola’ in Kolkata. RK Swamy BBDO Kolkata is handling the advertising communication for this venture.

The agency has been involved from its inception, from coining the name ‘Nola’ to designing the logo, and other branding exercises including designing the packaging, stationery and menu card.

Anil Jain, Vice President, RK Swamy BBDO, Kolkata, said, “In Bengali, ‘Nola’ means gluttony and we at the agency thought it is an appropriate name to seduce the food loving Kolkatans. We are very happy with the work that we’ve done as we had complete freedom in the creative aspect.”

“The branding has been very subtle; we have done away with the conventional format for advertising for food chains. Instead of showing food related photos, we’ve used simple and clear visuals for communication,” added Jain.

The visuals comprise a series of facial expressions reacting to a gourmet meal. Mumbai-based photographer Rahul Patel has shot the photographs.

To begin with, the advertising communication is being done only through outdoor media. For the main campaign, which will follow the teaser ads that are up at the moment, each hoarding will have a separate visual. The same campaign will break on print and radio from the first week of May.

At the moment, the company has two restaurants in Kolkata, but has plans of opening several more takeaway joints and restaurants in the future, as also take the chain overseas. In Kolkata, the restaurants will be located mainly at shopping malls.

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