Reporter's Diary: An end and a new beginning…

Reporter's Diary: An end and a new beginning…

Author | Priyanka Nair | Saturday, Dec 31,2011 8:58 AM

Reporter's Diary: An end and a new beginning…

There is a dip in the temperature and I have never seen Mumbai so calm – a perfect set-up to sit back and turn the good old pages. Well, given the digital space that we are in, it took me just a click to go through the archives and look back at my past 120 days in journalism.

This is my third Reporter’s Dairy at exchange4media and the last one for the year 2011. The idea of maintaining a dairy is always associated with penning down secrets and deep emotional insights. In an open forum like this, I am not sure I could share any secrets, but as far as emotions are concerned, I am sure I can very much express them.

I recently met Rajdeepak Das, ECD, BBDO India, over a cup of coffee and the kind of insights that he shared very much hit my emotional chords. It is believed that one connects with brands because they have live emotions around them. The consumer picks up the best suited emotion from the bouquet just as one picks up the best brand from the rack of a departmental store.

Food is the best way to start an engaging conversation with anyone and everyone. Shubhranshu Singh, Marketing Director, India & South Asia at Visa, is one enthusiastic foodie I have met from the industry. From the conversation that I had with him, all I gathered was eat good, feel good and be happy.

Another time when I saw a lot of emotions on display was at the Golden Mikes Awards night. Every radio campaign, every promotion has an emotional connect, and this time the connection was from the creators, the planners and the broadcasters. At the same place, I had an opportunity to connect with two big FM broadcasters from my home state of Kerala – Radio Mango and Club FM. While connecting to them, they instantly looked at my surname and we started an animated conversation in Mallu language. In my observation, language is one factor that is the most impactful in building emotional connect.

I hereby bind all the emotional learning together, place them on this page of our last Reporter’s Dairy for 2011 and open the new page of better understanding of this fun media world.

Wish you all the best year ahead, and as always, be good, stay happy.


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