Reporter’s Diary: The jinxed week of Friday the 13th

Reporter’s Diary: The jinxed week of Friday the 13th

Author | Shubhangi Mehta | Saturday, May 14,2011 8:53 AM

Reporter’s Diary: The jinxed week of Friday the 13th

Honestly, it’s been a ‘crib and cry’ week for me. The irony of the situation is that ‘this’ is the week chosen for me to write the Reporter’s Diary and not the past one, where I actually was a ‘superwoman’, breaking a new story every day.

My Monday started all charged up, trying to connect better with a fairly fresh beat assigned to me, Radio. Had a meeting at Red FM, followed by a meeting at Radio Mirchi. The meetings in totality helped me understand the radio sector a little better. The extent of my bad luck can be judged by the fact that I still managed to miss out on a Radio Mirchi story.

That was the only action packed day for me in the entire week though. Rest of the days were more about coming late to office and going home early, feeling unwell, drowsy and absolutely unorganised. Yes, this was the week in my life which I’m sure every journalist faces, albeit every journalist dreads – a week of ‘no stories’ other than merely one interview. I managed to miss out on stories that I was specifically reminded of, almost every day asked to follow up on. It is actually making me feel guilty, now that I’m thinking of it.

First time since I’ve become a journalist I was unable to cull out a story even out of a press conference. I’m sure it sounds worse than I can imagine. Writing this Reporter’s Diary is actually like jotting down my miseries in life and asking the world to read it. Anyways, coming back to the point, the week was genuinely one that I would wish, hope and more importantly, entreat, does not repeat itself in my life ever.


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