Reporter’s Diary: The experiential and aspirational!

Reporter’s Diary: The experiential and aspirational!

Author | Deepika Bhardwaj | Saturday, Jun 11,2011 8:44 AM

Reporter’s Diary: The experiential and aspirational!

It’s been a crazy ride since last couple of weeks. As I tether my experiential and advertising beat together, haven’t really realized how the weeks have passed by. 5 days doesn’t seem to be enough to pack everything together. But I must confess that “I am loving it”. I am getting to spend more and more time with the person I admire the most in this organisation, the conversations back and forth and each conversation leaving me with a lesson! Until now I always thought advertising is a giant that just eats money and nothing really comes out of it, but after interacting with so many creative brains, I have started understanding the whole game play.

While experiential marketing is largely about getting up, close and personal with people, advertising has the challenge of talking to them when it is not even clear who is listening to it. While experiential doesn’t come with a time limit, an ad has hardly few seconds to convey the whole idea. Both of them have the same objective, let the consumer feel the brand, but in such different ways.

As the responsibilities have increased, so have the meetings with people. I remember my colleague once telling me that meeting more and more people is the real funda behind getting things right, and I am realising how right she was! Hope to make some friends along this journey for now, there is a lot to learn and lot to know about this giant game called “advertising”.

Not to forget, the daily ride in the metro continues and my friends have now started asking me how’s my “Life in a Metro”. But I have sort of got a hang of it now. Sudoku is a great companion and so are little kids that are so much fun to exchange gestures with.

But the biggest respite in this whole episode is that most of the advertising firms are in Gurgaon ;-). I should thank all the companies for setting up their operations in my city, as it saves me from travelling all the way to Noida. And when the weather is amazing, its heaven to drive on NH-8. Request too all those in Delhi/Okhla, do shift your base to Gurgaon.

Signing off for now...hope to share some more experiences and moments...

Leaving you all with this great inspirational video which I saw today...


God Bless!!!

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