Reporter’s Diary: Telepathy with rains

Reporter’s Diary: Telepathy with rains

Author | Shubhangi Mehta | Saturday, Jun 18,2011 8:42 AM

Reporter’s Diary: Telepathy with rains

So the monsoons are finally here and the clouds generally tend to pour as soon as I plan to leave for work, extrasensory perception perhaps? Sitting at my desk, looking outside the window can be regarded as one of the best views in this amazing weather. However, the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of the sitting at desk, which would technically mean, travelling from Andheri to Bandra in the morning and then going back from Bandra to Andheri is a real chore. It suddenly seems that every vehicle in Mumbai plans to take the same route and at the same time that I do.

On such days, I can’t help but day-dream and beam at the thought, if only we could get our salaries without having to go to work. If only our professional work could be as hunky dory as the weather outside, sigh! I mean seriously, monsoons accompanied by family coming down all the way from Dehradun was what my past week looked like. The whole situation made me a little reluctant to work, sounds bad? Well to add to my defense, I also fell ill.

The same reason stopped me from attending iPops, an exhibition by KV ‘Pops’ Sridhar, National Creative Director, Leo Burnett, where he shared his creativity with the world in the form of an of iPad on canvas at Mumbai’s Scarecrow Art Gallery, which I really wanted to attend .

It’s somewhere in the past 15 days or so, where I cracked the Kaya Skin Clinic news, which made me feel important. Powerpuff Girls would certainly look up to me, albeit unbeknownst.

On a personal note, the past two days have been a little low and lonely, with my family going back home and my roommate nowhere to be found. Missing the breakfast that my mother cooked for me and forced me to eat every morning. Well, life is all about accepting reality no matter how hard it is on you and moving on…


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