Reporter’s Diary: Summers, holidays, Alphonso ... but ‘Work calls’

Reporter’s Diary: Summers, holidays, Alphonso ... but ‘Work calls’

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Saturday, May 07,2011 8:50 AM

Reporter’s Diary: Summers, holidays, Alphonso ... but ‘Work calls’

The summers are here and it’s May already, so one can imagine the temperature rising. Well, for me as a reporter, along with the temperature, the work load temperature at e4m is rising too… But high in a good way! Now one may wonder in what way this is good. So here is what I have to say – ‘an idle mind is a devil’s workshop’. So, I am happy that my mind is not idle and I have a lot on my plate. Another thing that works for me is that for some weird reason, I can deliver more while under pressure.

This past week has been all about brainstorming and editorial meets, trying to understand the space better. And the best part is when your seniors play a vital role in the motivational factor. So yes, it was a week of motivation.

Besides being a week of the normal chasings and follow ups, for me it’s going to be a week of thinking out of the box. ‘Out of the box’ – this statement is so clichéd and I am aware of it, because in our industry, this line is used in every third statement. But the fact is no matter how much of a cliché the line is, it fits fine in the process of thinking.

So coming back to summers, sometimes I wish we professionals too had vacation time, like how we had in school. Oh, how I miss those summer vacations! But I guess, it’s ‘work calling’ for me, after all we have to survive and keep the economy alive. And yes, summers also mean the ‘mango season’, so enjoy your Alphonsos and lessen the heat!

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