Reporter’s Diary: Growing a little wiser, each day…

Reporter’s Diary: Growing a little wiser, each day…

Author | Arwa Sultanali | Saturday, Oct 29,2011 9:00 AM

Reporter’s Diary: Growing a little wiser, each day…

When I accepted the job at exchange4media Group, I was only being courageous. I was very lucky when I came in since I had ready stories. I joined on October 3, 2011 and immediately got involved in analysing the IRS 2011 Q2 data. The reports seemed notoriously tricky, what with the huge data in front of me and all those numbers!

Now, with most of the IRS analyses for the latest quarter almost over, my role will now shift from being a reporter that works with dry information to a more dynamic one that is sensitive about every little thing that people are conversing about in the advertising and marketing business. I learned that if I dig deep enough I could get what I want and meet all deadlines.

exchange4media publications are constantly redefining immediacy for me. I learned that the day scores over the week and the minute scores over the hour. I also learned that if you offer to go beyond the immediate, one has to work at being accurate, on time and thorough.

Reporting is challenging, but I am hoping to sharpen my skills and carve a niche for myself as I gain experience. Everything is new to me. There is always a first time every time and I’ve had too many of these firsts! I am ready to feel a little wiser.

exchange4media Group is a very lively place and I aspire to be the friendliest face around in the Mumbai office. And since I stay not very far from my office, the pressure to travel long distances is not there.

I am ready to move forward now. I no longer have to worry about quiet boredom when I am associated with a company. I have learned a lot about my colleagues and all of them have had quite a career for themselves before joining exchange4media. With each passing day, I can find my productivity go up and I am hungry for more…


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