Reporter’s Diary- Newspapers and Magazines- The Fine print

Reporter’s Diary- Newspapers and Magazines- The Fine print

Author | Nitin Pandey | Saturday, Oct 23,2010 8:29 AM

Reporter’s Diary- Newspapers and Magazines- The Fine print

At the beginning of the week when I was working on a story on the potential regional market for India Today Group as they had established a SBU (Special Business unit) for a greater focus on regional markets, I interacted with the media planners. There was no surprise, they were all very optimistic about the speculative regional foray of ITG group and unanimously agreed that for any media group- going regional is natural way forward.

No sooner than I finished that story, I got to know about Samay Saransh, a Hindi weekly compact is being launched from Delhi. Following that the other news came that an afternooner compact daily ‘Hello Hindustan’ will soon launched from Indore (Madhya Pradesh).

The other buzz of the week was the Bihar election. Before the Bihar election campaign could start, Hindi daily Prabhat Khabar launched its Muzaffarpur edition to gain the election mileage.

Festive season is approaching in the country. Advertisers are all set to put their money in the print media after a bad slowdown year and to utilize this opportunity some of the established newspapers launched their long awaited new editions. In a recent development Dainik Bhaskar had launched its J&K edition.

It’s an amazing that many people ask me how these small newspaper groups survive. I sometimes don’t have answers for them but I believe that advertisers are there in the regional markets but media planners and sales people cannot create a new advertisers’ group. In a conversation with an editor of the leading Hindi newspaper, he shared with me that neither marketers nor media planners could invent the new set of advertisers in small markets. They need to look at these small businesses who would like to be the part of the ATL marketing.

I have heard a lot of times that regional is the market of future for newspapers in India. Marketers are all set to target regional media and there is the space for the regional print media now. Keeping the same fact in mind lots of newspapers are set to launch in small markets. We will soon break these stories with you. However, presently we should focus on the festive season and how new publications are being launched in India and in its smaller markets.


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