Remembering V Ramani: John Kuruvilla

Remembering V Ramani: John Kuruvilla

Author | John Kuruvilla | Friday, Aug 03,2012 2:25 AM

Remembering V Ramani: John Kuruvilla

V Ramani and I go back 23 years, when both of us worked at Lintas from 1989, and thereafter at Contract.

Ramani was someone who played hard and partied hard. At work, he was focused and razor sharp – playing with numbers till he unearthed something others had not seen.

A great team player, he always led from the front and was highly respected by his clients, his team and people in the industry. On the play front, he loved to party and was the life of the session.

I still remember in Lintas when I got my first 350cc motorcycle, how he was on my back till I lent him the bike for a spin. Seeing him take off I had my heart in my mouth and when he returned 30 minutes later, he wanted more… such was his excitement and enthusiasm for adrenaline rushing moments.

He lived life in the fast lane and celebrated every moment with a gusto that was difficult to match. He will be sorely missed in the industry.

The author is Managing Partner, The Last Mile.

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