Remembering Ramani: Rajan Patel

Remembering Ramani: Rajan Patel

Author | Rajan Patel | Monday, Aug 06,2012 7:04 PM

Remembering Ramani: Rajan Patel

If you wanted to meet a professional who was an epitome of life, you should have met Ramani. A wizard with numbers, a razor sharp brain, quick wit and deep dedication to his work – he came as a package – a throwback to the days when advertising was a calling, not a career.

A delight to his boss, an exacting boss to his subordinates – he could succeed in making the most confident person become unsure of his work (such was his craze for detail). Any client could rest assured that his media spend fetched the maximum mileage through Ramani’s plans. He could bulldoze, cajole, coax, over rule – anything to make his proposals go through.

As his career progressed, his voice and girth were in direct proportion. He made himself seen, heard and experienced and one could just not ignore him. Considering that he started as a quiet and skinny media planner, this was quite a metamorphosis.

Ramani was a colleague who I first met almost 30 years ago in Lintas, when we were both young and believed we could change the world. In many ways, Ramani did change the world – as a pioneer of sorts in the world of media. But above all, Ramani was a friend. He was a man who I could laugh with, share confidences and sometimes just sit together in companionable silence (although that was a bit difficult for Ramani).

His absence will take away that much life away from the advertising industry and in me (not necessarily in that order).

I’ll miss you Ramani. Rest in peace buddy, you’ve earned it.

The author is Former Director of EuroRSCG

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