Reliance offers broadband services to corporates

Reliance offers broadband services to corporates

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Reliance offers broadband services to corporates

Reliance Infocom Limited is negotiating with corporate houses like TVS, MRF and medical service providers like Sankar Netralaya, to provide them with broadband service via its optic fibre cable (OFC) network in the next one year.

According to industry sources, the company’s gameplan was to tap the needs of the industry rather than the domestic segment. Some of these companies also want Reliance Infocom to enable simultaneous link-up with dealers across the country using the network.

According to industry analyst, Reliance is setting up an extensive optical broadband IP network covering around 60,000 km running through 115 cities with terabyte capability. It plans to provide basic, mobile, national long distance, international long distance and various data services to the end customers. The cost of the project will be around Rs 25,000 crores.

To meet corporate demand, the company is laying cable at the rate of 100 kms a day. In Kolkata, Reliance has already identified 3,000 buildings housing major corporates for installing its broadband nodes. The owners of these buildings are also keen on the service, as it will add value to their property.

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