Reliance Jio launches campaign for JioFi to convert 2G & 3G to 4G

Reliance Jio launches campaign for JioFi to convert 2G & 3G to 4G

Author | Akshata R Murthy | Saturday, Feb 25,2017 8:13 AM

Reliance Jio launches campaign for JioFi to convert 2G & 3G to 4G

Reliance Jio introduced a new campaign to promote their new idea and product, JioFi, a device that helps in converting any 2G or 3G device into 4G by simplypressing a button. This device speeds up the existing speed of internet on any 2G/3G device to the 4G speed in minutes, without having to buy a device that supports 4G.


The advertisement, which showcases a typical father-son duo, was produced and made in-house by the Reliance Jio team.

Here, the father is tired of his present phone’s long buffer time so he plans to buy a new smartphone that is 4G compatible.

The son starts imagining situations in which his father disturbs him by shooting queries on the usage of his new phone because of which he (the son) may miss out on all the fun in his life.

He does not like his father’s idea so he introduces the JioFi device and converts his father’s phone to a 4G-compatible device. The premise of the campaign is situational and most importantly, relatable to the present time.

Talking to exchange4media, a spokesperson from Reliance Jio said, “The JioFi was introduced to enable the vast majority of 2G and 3G smartphone users to enjoy Jio Digital experience, including HD voice and video calling. Many of these users were unaware of the fact that they could enjoy Jio without upgrading or changing their smartphones. The current campaign is designed to inform them in a fun and captivating manner, especially by playing up everyday situations.”

A few other highlights of JioFi are that if a user downloads Jio4GVoice from the Play Store on their 2G/3G smartphone then they can enjoy voice calls. The mobile phone can then also be connected to JioFi’s WiFi network. Making Jio4GVoice the default calling option will ensure that users start enjoying high-speed internet, unlimited voice calls, video calls, and SMS, anytime anywhere. Moreover, the VoLTE features of video and HD calls will now be available on 2G/3G smartphones and the users will be able to speak to their contacts in a crystal clear HD voice if they too are on the Jio network.

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