Reliance Industries appoints Umbrella for a new corporate identity

Reliance Industries appoints Umbrella for a new corporate identity

Author | Pritie S Jadhav | Wednesday, Dec 28,2005 7:03 AM

Reliance Industries appoints Umbrella for a new corporate identity

With the two Ambani brothers deciding to go their separate way, there is more thrust on establishing a distinct identity for each of the recently-acquired portfolio of companies. To establish a new corporate identity, RIL has appointed Umbrella to work on its communication programme. Reliance, the largest private sector company in India, will be spearheading this exercise as an in-house effort on the strategy front while executing it through Umbrella.

Confirming the news, B Ramnathkar, Director Umbrella, said, “This is an important acquisition for us. Reliance could have easily hired a foreign agency (as they were originally planning) to design its corporate identity. But they chose to work with us. What makes this win even more special is the fact that two years back when we started Umbrella, our very first assignment was for Reliance.”

“This move is also significant because it reflects a new trend. Today clients are becoming open minded and awarding their businesses based not on the size or the name of the agency, but the quality of work. We started by redesigning the corporate identity of the group. The key task at hand was to ensure that we did not move away from the equity that Reliance had generated over the years and still portray an image of a contemporary company that was in sync with the times,” he added.

Apart from the traditional elements, Umbrella has also designed the works ranging from corporate attire to crockery design to vehicle branding to interior and exterior designs for Reliance airplanes.

With a turnover of over $16,725 million, RIL has a diverse portfolio of businesses under its rooster ranging from petroleum to furnishings. For an organisation as big as Reliance, the scope of corporate identity is indeed massive.

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