Rediffusion Y&R seeks to engage in ‘Brand Conversations’

Rediffusion Y&R seeks to engage in ‘Brand Conversations’

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, Nov 11,2009 8:13 AM

Rediffusion Y&R seeks to engage in ‘Brand Conversations’

Rediffusion Y&R has announced its proprietary approach – Brand Conversations – which is built on the premise that in today’s world, brands need a real, ongoing two-way conversation with consumers to recognise that the brand is not just what resides in the consumer’s head, but is actually co-created with them. Brands today need to learn how to dance with their consumers.

Rediffusion has created an indigenous toolkit – PlayDo – to deliver Brand Conversations. Conceived together by Arvind Mohan, Group CSO, Rediffusion Y&R, and Divya Radhakrishnan, President- TME and Rediffusion Y&R PR, PlayDo leverages the unique competitive advantage of a powerful in-house media organisation in the Rediffusion Group. This toolkit removes any preconceived notion of choice of medium and focuses on a thorough understanding of the business case, arriving at a powerful agenda for the brand and then delivering it through the Conversation Idea and Conversation Neighbourhood.

Mohan explained, “The role of branding and communication needs to be re-imagined today. Our world view is built out of a broadcast model, where the marketer is in charge and the primary mode of communication is one way – from one to many. In the many to many two-way world, the consumer talks back and what consumers are interested in talking about is far more important that what brands want to talk about. The question no longer is ‘did I deliver the message to the right address’, but what conversation did that message start.”

Radhakrishnan added here, “The key challenge is to identify the right neighbourhood, that is, the appropriate environment where it is best for the consumer to have a conversation with the brand.”

Brand Conversations mark the end of a two-year journey of reinvention at the Rediffusion Group. This journey began to create a modern future-facing organisation in cognizance of the fact that the existing model of the industry was self-serving. The challenge of creating a client-centric organisation meant questioning all existing paradigms and building a new organisation ground up.

In alignment with that philosophy, Rediffusion Y&R has also collated its group offerings as 1Rediffusion. 1Rediffusion is the umbrella term for their collective offering of brand solutions, be it creative, media, outdoor, direct, event or public relations. 1Rediffusion will function as a cohesive, collaborative unit using a combination of communication tools to address the brand’s specific requirement.

Mahesh Chauhan, Group CEO, Rediffusin Y&R, explained, “Brand Conversations ensures that 1Rediffusion solutions face client business and directly impact the brand’s value, values and valuation. Today, a client’s requirements can be categorised into two – those requiring a specialist, and those looking for the whole nine yards. 1Rediffusion is a solution to both these needs. 1Rediffusion will work as an independent unit drawing from the strengths of its six communication offerings – Rediffusion Y&R – the creative agency; TME – the media company; Wunderman – direct marketing; Rediffusion Y&R Public Relations – the PR specialist; Showdiff – the event management company; and OAP-Touch Point – the out-of-home and shopper marketing company. This will also include the designated design and digital expertise that unlike others is a core offering of the group and is horizontally deployed across practices.”

Over the last two years, Rediffusion Y&R has partnered with high profile consultants such as Hewitt, KPMG, Grant Thornton, Superstar Business Solutions, NexSales, etc., to outline their various people, process and HR initiatives over the last couple of years.

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