Rediffusion sets up exclusive unit to address market dynamics

Rediffusion sets up exclusive unit to address market dynamics

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Jul 27,2004 7:03 AM

Rediffusion sets up exclusive unit to address market dynamics

The market is evolving rapidly and the result is seen in the changing consumer profile of various categories. While the current focus of majority of agencies is to get the ‘big idea’ that will click with the consumers, Rediffusion claims a slight shift in its area of attention. The agency believes that the first aim now has to be to identify the new markets that are created to get to the new consumer, “It is not just to get the right idea but to get the right idea and address it to the right target,” expresses Preet Bedi, President, Rediffusion DY&R.

In the course, the agency has decided to add a new dimension to its strategic planning setting up an exclusive unit. The prime focus of this unit would not only be on brand insights but would be related to consumer insights as well. “Though the market has changed rapidly, there is barely a unit in place today, which studies or gives any insight on the fast growing new markets or new avenues to tap potential consumer,” shares Bedi.

He sheds more light on this continuous market transformation, which led to the introduction of the unit in the structure of Rediffusion. Says he, “Look at the mobile market today. The definition of a typical mobile user has changed substantially in the past couple of years. The result is that there are those many different ways of tapping this customer at large or even a certain portion. When there is such kind of segmentation, there is a need to zero in on potential markets to tap on this emerging consumer.”

Bedi explains that the same holds true for various categories, whether it is two-wheelers, four wheelers or white goods. The result of such evolution is that various facets that play an important role in any communication like penetration of media vehicles, kind of messages that the new consumer would identify with or the assessment of the consumer itself has altered. This is where the need of a unit to identify these changes comes in.

The new cell at Rediffusion, which would fill this need-gap, would have Kartik Iyer at the helm of affairs. “This would be like a consultancy. We will begin with a cell, which will have a few key resources and this will work in tandem with the other departments of the agency to bring out effective communication,” explains Bedi.

With the recent additions at the senior level in the form of Iyer and Chax, Rediffusion seems like an agency trying to put itself in the fast lane once again.

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