Rediffusion is single Indian nominee at D&AD Global Awards 2007

Rediffusion is single Indian nominee at D&AD Global Awards 2007

Author | Supriya Thanawala | Tuesday, Apr 10,2007 9:02 AM

Rediffusion is single Indian nominee at D&AD Global Awards 2007

Under the Writing for Design category, Rediffusion DY&R has been nominated for the silver medal in Graphic Design at the D&AD Awards 2007. The campaign that has been chosen, works around the theme of books for Midland Bookshop in Delhi. This particular campaign, which has a tagline of ‘Which Book Are You Reading’, has been created through a series of miniature books that are a takeoff on various international classics and their significance.

The miniature books explore the relevance of these titles and the literary significance of these books in the world, and about how they influenced people’s perspectives in that particular period. The message of the campaign is that books have the power to change the world and by asking the question, ‘Which Book Are You Reading’, encourages one to read.

The series of miniature books that have been created explore classic titles in literature, like ‘On the Road’, ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’ and ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’.

This year’s awards will see 25,000 pieces of work entering from 58 nations, besides first-time submissions from Bangladesh, Le Reunion and Qatar. Seven hundred and fifteen entries have been selected for the D&AD Annual 2007 and there are 151 nominations in all.

Hemant Jain, Creative Director and Copywriter, Rediffusion DY&R, who has been involved with the illustration, design, and writing of the entire campaign, said that it felt like a one-man show.

Jain said, “I’ve designed the entire campaign from scratch, both last year and this year. The miniature books contain the stories about people who read these three books and went along to do something great themselves. For instance, Uncle Tom’s Cabin led to the American civil war. The campaign is a continuation of last year’s campaign, which was also done in a similar fashion for Midland Bookshop, and it went ahead to win 16 international awards.”

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