TODAY´S NEWS reviewing its Tamil, Telugu editions reviewing its Tamil, Telugu editions

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A- reviewing its Tamil, Telugu editions India has temporarily suspended the operations of its Tamil and Telugu editions, while closing down its channel, catering to Style. The regional editions have been suspended as the management is currently reviewing the editions. Planetsaffron provided the content for the Style channel while Rediff served as the platform.

The real reason for closing down these offerings was that they were not generating adequate page views and consequently revenues. It is also understood that while they have closed down these editions, they will also be introducing new content.

The closing of these two regional editions mean that Rediff's English version continues to be its showpiece edition while the Tamil and Telugu editions took a backseat. The Gujarati and Hindi versions of Rediff are, however, doing well as people speaking these languages preferred native language content, analysts said. recorded 965 million page views for the last quarter of 2001, an increase of 44 per cent from the preceding quarter. It has acquired the US-based Value Communications Corp, catering to Indians living abroad, and the India Abroad Publications. It has also made investments in reported a net revenue of $5.16 million and a net loss of $6.39 million in 2000-01.

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