TODAY´S NEWS, Lifebuoy join hands for a ‘Healthy Hindustan’, Lifebuoy join hands for a ‘Healthy Hindustan’

Author | Tuhina Anand | Monday, May 25,2009 8:52 AM

A-, Lifebuoy join hands for a ‘Healthy Hindustan’

Brands are increasingly resorting to various innovations to break through the clutter in the market and reach out to their target audience. Keeping this in mind,, along with Lifebuoy, has taken the core of online, which is ‘interactivity’, to offline through an innovative brand integration initiative titled ‘Healthy Hoga Hindustan’. Conceptualised by for Lifebuoy, the initiative is a drive for cleanliness and hygiene, which was taken to the people of remote villages and towns of 10 states in India.

Elaborating on the initiative, Savio Fernandes, Senior VP and Chief Sales Officer,, said, “This has been a perfect fit for all. Lifebuoy’s re-launch theme of ‘Healthy Hoga Hindustan’ and its key brand attribute of hygiene synced well with Rediff’s election content on ‘choosing a Healthy India’. This also saw Lifebuoy getting online for the very first time and gave the brand an opportunity to go 360 degree with Rediff through an on-ground activation, online exposure, thereby reaching both the urban and rural markets.”

He continued, “The brief from Lifebuoy was to ensure that the brand’s key attribute of ‘hygiene’ was highlighted and consumer engagement was maximised right through the ground activation exercise that was conducted. At the same time, the content coverage had to be political party/ candidate neutral and focus on people’s views and opinion on building a healthy democracy, towards a better and healthier India, and all this without diluting the editorial ethos of the actual election coverage. This gave birth to the concepts of ‘Swasthya Chetna’, ‘Voice of India’ and ‘Hygiene-o-meter’, all of which are the core part of the entire edit microsite content.”

For the campaign, Rediff’s editorial teams covered pan-India and visited various states and towns over a span of 30 days, conducting group interactions and recording the pulse of the citizens across India. The vehicles they travelled in carried the Lifebuoy branding as well, and this ensured that Lifebuoy derived great mileage by this on-ground activation campaign involving consumer interviews, which were then re-loaded on to the Rediff site for mass mileage and visibility. These innovations led to the desired levels of consumer engagement, and brand impact was ensured through consumer interviews and sampling activities.

Fernandes added, “Rediff has been actively involved in initiating several brands on the Internet through creative offerings for advertisers’ and enabling customised creative solutions for maximum impact, visibility and delivering ROI for that brand. With Lifebuoy coming on to Rediff (and the Internet) for the first time, this paves the way for many other brands that have attempted but never got online hitherto, and to take a re-look at the online medium with a fresh perspective on how to use this medium to the brand’s advantage.”

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