Recova’s second TVC on anti-ageing skin seeks to underline differentiated positioning

Recova’s second TVC on anti-ageing skin seeks to underline differentiated positioning

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Nov 02,2005 8:07 AM

Recova’s second TVC on anti-ageing skin seeks to underline differentiated positioning

Recova’s second TVC, developed by Mudra, which broke recently, is an attempt to communicate the differentiated positioning of the skin repair product. Paras has a fight on its hands with competition from marketing heavyweights, besides the positioning challenge, to differentiate Recova from general skin-care and anti-ageing products.

The agency explained that the unique product concept and benefits were detailed, and the premium price was being justified through the campaign, while establishing an emotional connect. Said Rajesh Sonawne, Creative Director, Mudra, Ahmedabad, “The film visualizes this void in the relationship of a 30-plus couple. It shows the two in conversation. Interestingly, right through the film they don’t say a word to each other. It is their thought that is voiced for the viewers’ benefit.”

The TVC shows the couple in a restaurant. The wife looks at another couple appearing absolutely besotted with each other, and compares her own relationship to theirs. The woman is aware that she is not young any more and age has taken its toll on her looks. “She senses her husband’s indifference towards her and thinks it’s all too late to mend,” added Sonawne.

Enter Recova.

The theme film is accompanied by an instructional one, ‘Skin Expert’, that establishes the product concept. It had to be an instructional film since the product itself talks about a 30-night skin repair system. The little twist in the end makes the film enjoyable as well, Sonawne explained.

Vipin Dhayani, Group Head Copy, Mudra, Ahmedabad, said, “Actually the challenge in this case was to present a strong rationale for the brand. The product works in a very unique way and it does have a method of application that requires educating about. Yet its appeal lies in the emotional benefit it can give its users.”

The second commercial plays the role of theme communication on the brand, following the instructional film, and through the narrative shows the couple in ‘conversation’ through their thoughts.

“Both are aware of the quality of the relationship, yet none has the licence to ‘talk’ about the same! Failing looks and the things a woman can imagine they do to her life are indeed a very delicate issue to talk about, and almost impossible if it involves talking to her husband about his behavior as a result,” said Dhayani.

The brief given to the agency was that it is the formula which brings attractiveness to the skin. “It is a very honest kind of product. We tried to track the psychological orbit of the lady. The idea was to say everything in a very emotional way without making it look obvious,” he added.

The second TVC is currently on air, and Paras must be hoping that those concerned over their ageing skin will relate to the emotional messaging created in the campaign.

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