Raymond & R K Swamy BBDO – Saying it with ‘Sangeet’

Raymond & R K Swamy BBDO – Saying it with ‘Sangeet’

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, Nov 18,2009 7:42 AM

Raymond & R K Swamy BBDO – Saying it with ‘Sangeet’

Focussing on the wedding trousseau market, Raymond and agency partner R K Swamy BBDO has conceptualised a TVC released earlier this month on November 1, 2009. The film opens with a ‘Sangeet' ceremony about to begin. A young woman is busy checking on the details - whether the mehndi is being put properly on the bride-to-be’s hands, carrying flowers, etc. She is naturally a little tense. Meanwhile, a young man is amusedly watching her bustling about. She looks up, noticing that he is watching her.

Nonchalantly, the young man pulls out an ancient gramaphone and plays an old number “Saamne jo kaun aaya….’ to the lady! Everyone is surprised, and looks around for the source of the interruption. The young man comes up to the lady and pulls her towards him for a dance. She’s embarrassed, and reluctant. As the music merges into the familiar Raymond theme the lady mellows and the couple begins to dance in real earnest. Just when the romance is lighting up in their eyes, a little boy runs up to them shouting “Mummy, Papa.” The couple laughingly picks him up.

Sangeetha N, President West & Executive Creative Director, RK Swamy BBDO said, “The challenge was to produce yet another idea around the wedding without becoming repetitive. The ‘Sangeet’ occasion was chosen, and another facet of the sensitive Raymond man was brought to light. He wins over his wife and lightens up the mood of the whole family and friends.”

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