Radico Khaitan’s 8 PM seeks to up the fun factor ‘after 8 pm’

Radico Khaitan’s 8 PM seeks to up the fun factor ‘after 8 pm’

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Saturday, Nov 17,2007 7:08 AM

Radico Khaitan’s 8 PM seeks to up the fun factor ‘after 8 pm’

With music being the route for grabbing consumers’ attention for most liquor brands, it comes as no surprise that liquor brand 8 PM from Radico Khaitan too has decided to walk on the same path. A new TVC has been developed for 8 PM Club Music CD, which is based on the premise of music helping to unwind and relax. Aneesh and Sambit Mishra, Creative Group Heads at Bates David Enterprise, have developed the TVC. Lyrics for the TVC were penned by Gulzar, while it was directed by Amit Sharma of Chrome Pictures.

According to Pallav Doin, DGM-Marketing, Radico Khaitan, “The brief we gave to the agency was that in today’s world, everyone was looking for space. Everyone wants to spend their time by themselves, and in their own fashion.”

Mishra said, “The brief given to us was of a research done by Radico Khaitan, wherin it was found that people listened to music in the evenings to relax. The brief was to portray 8 PM Club Music CDs as being relaxing.”

Mishra added that the communication for 8PM Music CD was based on an insight that people more than often carried their tension, which turns into a burden on shoulders that is carried all day long, and that by day-end, everyone desired for a break from these responsibilities, albeit for a couple of hours.

The film begins with the shot of a young man sipping tea in his house. As the frame zooms out, it is seen that another man is sitting on his shoulders and is throwing files all around; resembling the young man’s boss. In the next shot, a man in a crowded bus notices a huge billboard with the visual of a man with a globe on his shoulders. As the rmae zooms out again, the man;s wife is seen sitting on his shoulders. In the background, there is another man with yet another sitting on his shoulders.

Among other instances, a girl is shown applying nail polish, and as the frame zooms out, she is seen on the shoulders of three guys. Then there is a kid playing with his toy car on his father’s head, as he sits on the latter’s shoulders. A jeweller is then shown having a young guy man sitting atop his shoulders and playing a guitar, while in yet another shot, a young executive has his boss chatting away on the mobile phone as he is seated atop the young man’s shoulders. The young man then hears the gong of a clock and moves in that direction. He sees the 8 PM Club Music signage and moves into the building. As he moves in, his boss hits the roof and falls off. As the young executive walks inside the club, he sees a group of people having a good time. The 8 PM Club Music CD logo then appears on the screen, followed by a voiceover, ‘Aath ke thaat’.

The communication has been targeted towards SEC C and D, people who are mainly engaged in physical labour-oriented occupations, as it is important for them to have a time solely for themselves.

Doin explained that the TVC was being aired on all entertainment and movie channels, and would be shown on cinemas halls from November 19. The radio spots will be aired from next week, while point-of-purchase (PoP) activities were being conducted at the retail level at Archies and music stores.

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