R3’s Greg Paull in India amid resistance from AAAI to third party surveys

R3’s Greg Paull in India amid resistance from AAAI to third party surveys

Author | Nitin Sharma | Monday, Jun 16,2008 8:34 AM

R3’s Greg Paull in India amid resistance from AAAI to third party surveys

Greg Paull, Principal, R3 Asia Pacific, is arriving in India on June 16 on a four-day visit to iron out the agency’s path in the country. R3 is a consultancy focused on improving marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Paull’s visit comes at a time when the Advertising Agency Association of India (AAAI), the principal body of advertising in India, had recently issued an advisory note to all its members against any new third party survey.

Earlier this month, AAAI had sent an advisory note to its members asking them to support its decision of not allowing third-party interests to be created in the industry as the same would be detrimental to the industry. The move comes at a time, when R3, an organisation that conducts independent research on marketing impacts, agency selection and compensation, media auditing and analysis for practice audits of the marketing process, is on the verge of completing its first ever study, ‘India Marketing Trends’.

When contacted, Madhukar Kamath, President, AAAI, said, “AAAI is not making a case against any particular agency, which is why an advisory note had been sent, wherein the members have been asked to pledge their support by not taking part in any survey that involves a third party as it will mar both the remuneration of the agency and the industry’s over all interest.”

Meanwhile, Paull isn’t perturbed by AAAI’s remarks. When contacted, he said, “This week has been the most active week for us as far as our research project for India is concerned. We’ve closed in and interviewed some more senior Indian marketers.”

Commenting on his agenda for his India visit, Paull said, “My visit to India will be aimed at showcasing our past work to all the agencies so that they can envision value in our work and support us in coming up with our first ever study, ‘India Marketing Trends – A Study’, which is scheduled to be completed five months’ time.”

Prior to India, R3 had entered three different markets – Europe (1980), Latin America (2005) and China (2006), where it come up with studies / surveys on a regular basis.

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