Quadrant re-brands Automart as First Choice; launches TVCs, press ads

Quadrant re-brands Automart as First Choice; launches TVCs, press ads

Author | Rishi Vora | Thursday, Oct 25,2007 8:15 AM

Quadrant re-brands Automart as First Choice; launches TVCs, press ads

Quadrant, part of the Interpublic Group, has re-branded Automart, which is in the business of secondhand cars, as ‘First Choice’. Automart is a joint venture of Mahindra & Mahindra, HDFC and Shah and Sanghvi. Sources in Quadrant said that the re-branding was necessary keeping in mind the client’s brief on re-positioning the brand as a company that believed in transparency and customer satisfaction, unlike the competition.

The agency has unveiled two TVCs to communicate this re-branding. Currently on air, the TVCs show the protagonist regretting his decision to buy a second hand car from a non-reliable car dealer. They emphasise on the 118 quality checks that First Choice puts each and every secondhand car through before it is sold. The commercials end in a unique manner, asking viewers to elicit a buying response via SMS.

The insight for the campaign came from an old Hindi movie titled ‘Choti Si Baat’, which depicts a scene on how an ordinary automobile dealer cheats his customer for quick and hefty bucks. Another insight that the agency used was that of generating ‘fear’ among consumers about buying cars from unreliable dealers.

On the media front, press ads are being placed to support the TVCs. Commenting on the response to the campaign, Rajan Narayan, General Manager, Quadrant, said, “We are glad that we have successfully re-branded Automart as ‘First Choice’. Our tagline, ‘Honest Deals, Great Wheels’, speaks about the brand’s image as a transparent business unit. Our TVCs have had a tremendous response, registering more than 30,000 SMSes in less than a week’s time.”

The agency will launch a couple of additional ads by the end of December 2007, but this time the strategy would be to get the consumers to sell their cars to First Choice, thus ensuring regular inflow of cars for resale. Apart from the TVCs and the press ads, Quadrant has also designed various signages for the brand.

Quadrant had won the Automart campaign in October 2006. It had conducted a quantitative research with 200 respondents in Mumbai. The research suggested that Automart as a brand had only 16 per cent recall among customers, which was low compared to some of the local brands in the market.

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