PROMAX&BDA 2005: It’s the idea stupid – prescribe Sayed and Fowler!

PROMAX&BDA 2005: It’s the idea stupid – prescribe Sayed and Fowler!

Author | Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia | Tuesday, Jul 12,2005 7:14 AM

PROMAX&BDA 2005: It’s the idea stupid – prescribe Sayed and Fowler!

Promax 2005 was a revisit of sorts – revisit to the thoughts already expressed and emphasised on by experts time and again. It stressed on getting the basics right. As Khalid Sayed, Associate Vice President, Programming, B4U Television Network (India) Pvt Ltd addressed the topic ‘Creating the ultimate brand campaign – Tricks of the trade’, he touched upon the thrust areas relevant for effective brand communication.

Laying utmost stress on the one big idea, Sayed said, “It is very important to come up with that one big idea. A big idea would mean an idea that worked for Surf years ago with introduction of the character ‘Lalitaji’ who became a household name instantly.”

Commenting on the factor of stickiness, Sayed said that only a big idea had the ability to get stuck in the minds of the consumer.

Interestingly, Andy Fowler, Senior Copywriter, Bruce Dunlop and Associates while expressing his views on the topic, ‘Make it memorable’ seemed to convey the same point when he said, “Ideas are important and they cost nothing.” Fowler also stressed on the need to work on ideas that are thought provoking and relevant to the target audience.

Opining that a good idea should not be dropped for any reasons whatsoever, Sayed explained that at times, diplomacy should be observed while dealing with critics and people laying impediments in the way.

As a guiding note to be able to create the perfect brand campaign, Sayed shared his list of mantras that included gravity quotient, brainstorming, roadmapping, and justification for the campaign to work among others.

Making a point on the fear of failure, Sayed rightly pointed out, “Failure is just a comma and not a full stop.”

In essence, both Sayed and Fowler were unanimous in their prescription for a successful brand campaign – the big idea!

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