PrimeOutdoors bags Honda business, enters into alliance with RPG

PrimeOutdoors bags Honda business, enters into alliance with RPG

Author | Anushree Madan Mohan | Thursday, Mar 04,2004 5:34 AM

PrimeOutdoors bags Honda business, enters into alliance with RPG

Since its inception, PrimeOutdoors has developed a rich client portfolio and dealt with a cross section of brands across diverse categories. The outdoor entity has now bagged the outdoor campaign of Honda Motors. It has also entered into a strategic tie up with RPG Group, for the exclusive marketing rights of ‘Giant’ hypermarket stores.

Says Ratnakar Rai, Managing Director, PrimeOutdoors, “We have already begun work for Honda Motors and it is going to be a well targeted and well etched campaign, with Honda City being portrayed as ‘Car of the Year’. A key aspect of this win was the precise targeting we could offer through our online database of 25000 sites, which enabled us to identify points of audience aggregation and recommend a plan accordingly.”

He adds, “In addition, there is our recent tie-up with RPG where we have the exclusive marketing rights for the 'Giant' hypermarket stores, currently in Hyderabad and Mumbai. What particularly excites us is that retail advertising really marks the final frontier of audience interface, and we look forward to working out new ideas and brand building possibilities with this medium.”

How exactly would the strategic partnership with RPG work? Rai remarks, “The entire process would revolve around three distinct platforms. The first step would be to provide signage that would attract consumers to the retail outlet. The second step would be geared towards creating interesting options at the point of purchase, while the third would create multi level options for advertisers. We would like to take on initiatives, which would involve the post purchase experience, and we are in talks with a known market research agency to bring in a coordinated and systematic effort.”

PrimeOutdoors is currently running campaigns for Tata Tea, Western Union Money Transfer, London Pilsner from the UB stable, in addition to handling small town campaigns for Kalyani Black Label in Karnataka and West Bengal, Hyundai Motors, and IndusInd Bank among others. It conceptualized and implemented site level innovations for TVS Scooty Pep and TELCO (Indica V2) in addition to measuring the recall value of the sites pre and post those innovations. Rai states, “The last six months have been particularly significant for PrimeOutdoors, where we have zeroed in on and taken up each aspect of our business for introspection and examined a different way of doing it for better deliveries. Better deliveries both at the business process end, that helps deliver smoother campaigns, and at the town level, where every plan is worked out combining available data and our own 'knowledge data' to generate the most optimal visibility for the campaign.”

What does the future hold for PrimeOutdoors? Rai replies, “To get the best out of outdoors, one needs to constantly examine and challenge existing paradigms. It requires one to look at doing things differently rather than doing many different things. Our priority is to bring in definite and reliable tools of measurement, which would bring in accountability to the medium as a whole. Of course, we would be providing convenience systems through our online model and working towards value added services and systems for our advertisers. The foundation of all this, of course, is a dedicated and trained team that straddles 10 cities across the country and provides the critical on-ground support and local level information.”

PrimeOutdoors has a large online database of sites across India, with 25000 sites across 45 cities at Each site is graded to offer a visibility index that serves as a yardstick to assess the relevance of a site.

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