Prime Time Awards: Short and long form advertising will co-exist: Sunil Kataria, Godrej India

Prime Time Awards: Short and long form advertising will co-exist: Sunil Kataria, Godrej India

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Jan 23,2017 8:20 AM

Prime Time Awards: Short and long form advertising will co-exist: Sunil Kataria, Godrej India

Sunil Kataria, COO-Sales and Marketing SAARC, Godrej India, at the third edition of the Prime Time Awards, shared his views on the future of advertising. Kataria drew special attention to adapting video advertising to the digital space and the concept of native advertising.

He pointed out that a change in TV viewing habits naturally mean that advertising also needs to change to reflect the change in attitudes. “TV viewing is no more a family activity. With personal devices taking over, the TV viewing habits of people have changed. The Western world has moved towards non-linear and on-demand viewing and only 30% of the viewership is linear.” he said.

Most viewers want advertising-free content. This brings the focus on the sustainability of television advertising. It has to evolve, he said. “This is a watershed moment for the industry. The 30 second commercial format has to change, there is no choice. Most marketing teams get a creative idea for 30 seconds and then language edits are made to shorten the video for other mediums. This has to change. We need to make customised content for different screens. One creative idea has to be adapted for multiple small screens like Facebook, Youtube, and OTTs. This makes life complicated for advertising,” Kataria said.

Kataria was confident that the 30 second ad won’t go away. “But it can’t be the Holy Cow for the creative team. Consumers are wary of advertising. Because of fragmented advertising, advertisers need to spend on multiple media, this is a major change,” he said. 

Kataria pointed out that since 60 per cent of ad spending goes behind 20 second edit, why don’t advertisers make a 20 second commercial instead? “Maybe that is the new normal,” he wondered aloud. At the same time he said that long format ads will not go out of fashion. “Long and short will both co-exist. The challenge is to get one creative idea to translate into multiple formats and multiple durations. This might mean that the magic moment should come in the first 5 seconds. Get the brand in the first 5 seconds,” he said.

He ended his talk with hopes that in the future the Indian advertising industry will move towards native advertising. “TV industry needs to explore and evolve. Native advertising will be a big opportunity for us. The various ways of doing this will be by being part of a scene, inserting the brand into a dialogue, or where there is serialisation of ads.”

He concluded that the industry must learn to live with dynamic models.

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