Preity, Saif, Rahul up to their mischievous pranks again in new Chaat Street TVC

Preity, Saif, Rahul up to their mischievous pranks again in new Chaat Street TVC

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Monday, Nov 21,2005 8:37 AM

Preity, Saif, Rahul up to their mischievous pranks again in new Chaat Street TVC

Frito-Lay continues with the Indianisation of their potato chips brand Chaat Street. The snack food company has unveiled a new television commercial to introduce yet another flavour of Chaat Street – the 'Mast Paapri Style'.

Describing the new TVC, Sucheta Govil, Director, Marketing, FritoLay India, said, "The ad lays stress on youthful, bindaas fun with friends. The ad commenced with a teaser campaign, where a sting operation reveals that three top Bollywood stars were caught stealing on camera. The commercial opens with the three Chaat Street friends – Preity, Saif and Rahul – wanting a pack of the new Mast Paapri Style flavour from Lay's Chaat Street. Rahul, left with one last potato chip, jostles with a crowd, all clamouring for the new Chaat Street flavour. Saif, mischievous as ever, quickly gobbles that one last chip, much to the annoyance of Rahul and Preity. Preity, true to her naughty self, then hatches a plan to distract the crowd from the stall selling the new Chaat Street flavour in order grab the chips for herself. According to the plan, Saif and Rahul get into a mock fight, which draws the attention of the crowd. Everyone, including the Chaat Street stall owner, gather around them to watch and egg them on, while an opportunist Preity steals all the Chaat Street packets from the stall. But the smart lady has plans of her own, she double-crosses the duo and runs off with all the stolen Lay's Chaat Street packets herself, leaving a hapless Saif and Rahul to pay the angry stall owner."

Govil further said that the campaign broke nationally on TV, the Internet and SMS, while the print campaign broke in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, and on radio in Delhi and Lucknow, while Mumbai has witnessed the outdoor campaign.

Bhavna Gupta, Creative director, JWT, said, "Three friends conspire to steal a whole cart full of the new Papri Chaat packs, only to find in the end that one of them does a double whammy on the other two and gets away with all the chips."

She added that the thought process behind the ad was the insight that everyone loved a street fight, so the three friends use that to distract the crowd from the chaat cart.

The Lay's Chaat Street 'Mast Paapri Style' has been shot by the well-known duo of Shantanu and Omi from Illusions, who had directed the enjoyable earlier Lay's Chaat Street films as well. The shooting was done in Mumbai.

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