Pratap Bose’s Blog@Cannes: Sunday evening at ‘Khau Gully’

Pratap Bose’s Blog@Cannes: Sunday evening at ‘Khau Gully’

Author | Pratap Bose | Monday, Jun 21,2010 8:47 AM

Pratap Bose’s Blog@Cannes: Sunday evening at ‘Khau Gully’

Cannes – Sunday, June 20, 2010

When I arrived in Cannes late on Saturday night, it was cold and raining and I said to myself, “This isn’t what the South of France should be at this time of year”.

The early morning wasn’t any better as my wife and I left our apartment to buy the customary provisions to stock up for the week. Thankfully, the weather changed to a sunny Sunday, and in the temperate sunshine, the Sauvignon Blanc and the grilled Sea Bass was gleefully accepted by both the palette and the gut.

It took some doing after that sumptuous lunch to get to the Palais to sit through a few sessions. I did attend the Tribal DDB and the SapientNitro sessions on social networking and came back, I think, a wiser man!

Social networking certainly wasn’t on my mind when in between smoke breaks, I bumped into a few media, agency and client friends with the customary ‘Aaaah, nice to see you here’ greeting.

Lack of sleep was making me grumpy, so polite short conversations were the order of the day for me.

I was told by a senior journalist that quite a few clients from India are expected in Cannes this year, including a whopping 10 from ITC! Wow, now isn’t that a ‘mad angle’ worth pursuing?

I’m heading off now to ‘Khau Gully’ (the quaint lane going up the hill where tiny restaurants line the alleys) for what promises to be a pleasant evening.

No more wine please... Talisker on the rocks tonite!

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