Pratap Bose’s Blog@Cannes: Of Lego bricks, Mark Zukerberg, and ‘desi khana’

Pratap Bose’s Blog@Cannes: Of Lego bricks, Mark Zukerberg, and ‘desi khana’

Author | Pratap Bose | Thursday, Jun 24,2010 9:03 AM

Pratap Bose’s Blog@Cannes: Of Lego bricks, Mark Zukerberg, and ‘desi khana’

Getting out of bed this morning was a struggle, and don’t ask me why? I, therefore, missed the Google session, but was thankfully told later that I didn’t miss much.

Listening to Jon Landau, the producer of ‘The Titanic’ and ‘Avatar’, was delightful to say the least. I was struck by his sincerity, simplicity and a very down to earth approach to life, in spite of his remarkable achievements. When he said that the success of ‘Avatar’ “was not in the technology behind the film, but in the theme, in the story, and in the actors that took the world on a journey”… that, for me, was a revelation.

Another revelation for me, or should I say ‘learning’, was the concept of using on-line video competitions to enhance brand engagement. That, for me, was a much bigger deal that I had ever imagined. Would you believe that a client like Lego has 570,000 Lego videos (not views) on Facebook? Incredible, but true.

Talking of Facebook, the 26-year old Founder and CEO, Mark Zukerberg, was definitely top draw today. The DeBussy convention centre was packed to the rafters and Mr Facebook did not disappoint. For someone so young, he held his own, had all the answers, was extremely confident in what he had to say, and had a wonderful disarming boyish endearment, which explains why he and his social networking site are so popular.

As you might know, Wall Street hasn’t been particularly kind to him in the recent past on two counts. The first one being Facebook’s ‘privacy issue’ and the second one, on him being labeled as immature and too brash as the head of one of the biggest brands today. I just think that’s being plain unfair to the kid.

Microsoft in the next session took the ‘kid’ in us to a great high, with an actual demonstration of the new remote sensing motion games on the Xbox scheduled to be released in October this year.

While the kiddy act was being done on stage, the news that India had picked up three Golds came in. Good news… eight metals in all, in the Press and Design categories.

My prediction two days ago of 15 metals in the first seven categories was almost spot on. I just missed by one! C’mon guys, give me a high five for that!

16 metals for India before the Film, Titanium and Integrated categories isn’t exactly ‘Wow’.

In fact, the mood within the Indian camp is indeed a bit low tonight, but that hopefully will all change with the ‘Indian Party’ being hosted by The Times of India later tonight.

I went to the DDB party this evening, where the mood was just the opposite. Bonhomie, great champagne and the who’s who from Omnicom and DDB were all there to celebrate their success so far, including John Wren and Chuck Brymer.

I’ve got to run now, because the ‘India Party’ is about to begin and after all the pizza and pasta, I’m really looking forward to some ‘desi khana’.

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