Pratap Bose’s Blog@Cannes: ‘Eze’ing into the Cannes mood

Pratap Bose’s Blog@Cannes: ‘Eze’ing into the Cannes mood

Author | Pratap Bose | Tuesday, Jun 22,2010 9:14 AM

Pratap Bose’s Blog@Cannes: ‘Eze’ing into the Cannes mood

The Indian contingent was a tad disappointed with only 60 pieces of work getting the shortlisted nod across seven categories. In my opinion, that was about 15 shortlists short, compared to what we had last year.

I spoke to a few self-proclaimed pundits, who informed me that the Indian strike rate vis-à-vis shortlists converting to metals was about 3:1, given the average performance over the last three years.

If that’s the thumb rule, I would be surprised if India manages to win 20 metals this year across the seven categories, which include PR, Outdoor, Direct, Promo, Radio, Print and Media.

My hunch would be around 14 or 15 for Camp India this time around across these seven categories. You will just have to wait and see how accurate my crystal ball predictions are by the end of evening tomorrow!

As I write this blog, Mudra leads the pack with 13 finalists, followed by Ogilvy with eight and Leo with seven.

BBDO and Ogilvy opened the Indian account tonight… or should I say ‘hit the back of the net’ with a Silver and Bronze, respectively.

I’m sure my good friend Josy (Paul, Chairman and NCD, BBDO India) is a happy man, considering that it is BBDO India’s first metal at Cannes.

It’s not all gloomy news though, and I certainly don’t wish to sound like a pessimist. There still are a few more categories where India stands a chance – especially in the Design category, so fingers crossed. And I hope that there would be better tidings in the next round of shortlists.

I didn’t find the speaker list for today very invigorating and decided to give the Palais a miss, and instead headed off to Monaco for the day. A trip that was well worth it. The azure blue sky greeted me as soon as I left my apartment, and it was the perfect day to take it easy before the Festival gets into overdrive tomorrow.

On the way back to Cannes, I stopped at a very quaint French village called Eze, which to my mind typifies everything that the South of France is known for! Small winding medieval footpaths lined with exquisite curio, artefacts and tiny art shops made me want to buy everything I chanced my eye upon!

It’s going to be a long night in Cannes tonight, as today was the longest day in the ‘summer solstice’. It’s a night where Cannes goes berserk late into the wee hours of the morning, so I better stop right here and go put on my blue suede shoes!

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