Postcard from BBC World: Highlighting successful advertising initiatives

Postcard from BBC World: Highlighting successful advertising initiatives

Author | Malini Menon | Tuesday, Jun 14,2005 7:46 AM

Postcard from BBC World:  Highlighting successful advertising initiatives

Old is certainly gold. BBC World has gone back to traditional postcard system to pump in revenues to its ad kitty. The channel’s marketing and airtime sales team are issuing a series of postcards that profiles several successful advertising campaigns, which have recently been aired on the international news and information channel.

Each postcard takes you on a journey through what the client’s brief has been, the solution delivered by BBC World, and the client’s perception on it. The postcards talk on specific integrated solutions including microsites, sponsorships, commercials and out-of-home advertising such as on the Heathrow Express rail link and in-flight on United Airlines. The monthly postcards have featured campaigns created for Qatar Airways, Samsung, Land Rover and Hyatt. The postcards were designed and created in-house at the BBC World headquarters in London.

On the objective behind this new initiative, Seema Kotecha, Head-Marketing, BBC World, said, “We wanted to find a simple but effective way of informing clients and the media industry of the solutions BBC World is delivering to its global campaigns.” Asked if the channel is looking at customising them to get some desi clients, she said, “The idea behind the postcards is to take client case studies from local markets but communicate to a global audience. We believe that all these advertisers have global appeal and are therefore not at this stage intending to customise their content to local markets.”

So what really led the channel to go back to the ‘old way of communication’ in this mailer age? “The brief was to keep the mechanic short, sweet, quick and easy, where I think most mailers go wrong. This is a busy audience that is inundated with marketing messages on a daily basis. We feel our postcards, which take no longer than a minute or two to read, give clients a bite size introduction into what BBC World could do for their brand on a truly global level,” said Kotecha.

Kotecha said that the postcards are being mailed to the client database in India as well. Asked if the channel is looking at an increase in advertisers post this initiative, she said, “We have not set a target growth in ad revenue from this initiative alone – that would be very ambitious. We do, however, have a target growth in revenue for the year and the postcards, together with continued efforts of our sales team, will contribute towards the business reaching this goal.”

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