Post the Draft merger, FCB Ulka geared for an action-packed 2007

Post the Draft merger, FCB Ulka geared for an action-packed 2007

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Monday, Feb 26,2007 8:20 AM

Post the Draft merger, FCB Ulka geared for an action-packed 2007

Positioned as an agency with a strategic focus and solution providers in areas like direct, interactive and advertising, FCB Ulka is clear that 2007 will be a year of focus in taking the agency to the next level in its services.

The year 2006 has been good for FCB Ulka, according to M G Parameswaran, Executive Director and CEO of the agency. He said, “We had have a double-digit growth in our revenues and we had significant organic growth as well. The growth has been across offices and divisions.” The year has also witnessed the global merging of FCB and Draft operations and the impact was seen in the India operations too.

Parameswaran views the fusion of the Draft style of life and FCB Ulka style, positively. He explained that with powerful tools and the renewed focus on research and details, all divisions are changing for the better.

Speaking on the areas of focus now, he said, “It is not one specific area. I think the game is changing. Thus we need to try and improve everything -- whether it is our strategic product, creative product or database product. And that is our constant endeavour.”

Throwing light on the research, Parameswaran commented, “People tend to think that research kills creativity, but research can be a tool for creativity.” He divulged how FCB creates its own tool for consumer insight. He said, “We have a tool called Mind & Mood where we go and talk to consumers in a very comfortable setting to find out how they interact with the brand/category.”

While talking on the forthcoming projects and business in pipelines, FCB Ulka is in dialogues with various clients. Parameswaran admitted, “There are a few clients that we will soon sign in both Mumbai and Delhi.” The next three months will see FCB Ulka add more categories than the ones that it already has in its current client portfolio.

Elaborating some more on the year gone, while FCB Ulka has many campaigns to its credit, for Parameswaran, the ones that really stood out are Naukri.com (Hari Sadoo) and the Indica Xeta campaign.

The Naukri.com campaign was voted as the most popular ad of the year by the Consumer Connect Awards held at Kolkata while Indica Xeta had been voted as the Autocar Ad of the Year.

Parameswaran remarked, “The good thing about both the campaigns was that they not only got the love from the consumers but also delivered in the markets. Both the campaigns are based on very solid strategy and have been delivered brilliantly through the advertising creatives.” Some of the other campaigns included John Player and Indica Turbo.

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