Ponds White Beauty fun in the sun

Ponds White Beauty fun in the sun

Author | Shubhangi Mehta | Monday, Jun 13,2011 8:04 AM

Ponds White Beauty fun in the sun

Ponds initiated a new variant under Ponds White Beauty range with SPF 15 to cater to a summer beauty need. This launch coincided with the biggest cricketing events of the year back to back (world cup followed by the IPL) with predominantly male dominated viewership.  

Hul spokes person, commenting on the campaign said, ”The challenge was to have a high impact campaign that not only sharply targeted but also excited and engaged women in the metros and urban India amidst all the cricket clutter. The idea was to get women to break away from the confines of the indoors this summer, to having fun in the sun.”
 The core scheme of the campaign revolved around the motive of crafting women to come outdoor and have fun while the men were glued to the television watching cricket. Hence ponds used male celebrities with a huge female fan following. The object stood to entertain them and add to the thrill and excitement of the ‘fun in the sun events’.
Ogilvy spokesperson said, ”Given the harsh ‘Indian Summer’ women are paranoid about the impact of the sun on their skin hence prefer staying indoors, whilst the men would be glued to the TV watching cricket. Having launched the Ponds White Beauty UV protection variant, Ponds wanted to give women a chance to boldly go have fun in the sun this summer. Hence the idea - Pond’s Fun in the Sun for women who enjoy everything under the sun but cricket.”
The selection of the celebrities was on the basis of activities women would love to participate in e.g. concert, adventure sport etc. As a result of which they selected Farhan Akhtar to do a concert in Mumbai, Ranvijay for adventure sport in Delhi and  Chang for a concert in Kolkata.
The campaign was led by 3 TVC’s which were aimed at swiftly edifying awareness for the new variant as well as the engagement destination on social media. The campaigns also used Print in leading local city supplements of Mumbai/Delhi & Kolkata where the events were happening to create the buzz and excitement around the property. The campaigns successfully managed to get women who participated on the social media page to engage with the Sun Spot Index application. Women who successfully participated in
this were sent free samples of Ponds White Beauty depending upon their result on the Sun Spot Index meter. Finally the campaigns culminated into a concert of Farhan Akhtar in Mumbai, Chang in Kolkata and Adventure sports with Ranvijay in Delhi.
Facebook was used as the destination for the campaign where women were given the opportunity to engage with the brand, participate in the contest to win passes for the events as well as got to know their Sun Spot Index and won free samples of the product. Another feather in the cap for the campaign was Farhan Akhtar concert beamed live through a web cast on the facebook page for all those who could not make it to the concert.

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