Polo carries forward the ‘hole’ story with an ‘Xtra Strong’ proposition

Polo carries forward the ‘hole’ story with an ‘Xtra Strong’ proposition

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Tuesday, Jun 24,2008 9:09 AM

Polo carries forward the ‘hole’ story with an ‘Xtra Strong’ proposition

Over the years, Polo has built a strong brand equity through its ‘The mint with the hole’ proposition. To further strengthen this core brand, Nestle India has now added another innovation to its portfolio – Polo Xtra Strong. The launch will be supported by a TVC, which has been conceptualised by Lowe Worldwide. The TVC is the brainchild of Udayashankar Rao, Creative Director, Lowe Worldwide.

Stewart Dryburgh, General Manger, Chocolate and Confectionery, Nestle India, said, “Consumer insight shows that amongst mint consumers, many are now specifically looking for stronger, longer lasting freshness. Polo Xtra Strong has been developed for these consumers. We needed a campaign that establishes Polo Xtra Strong across various media in a simple manner, while further strengthening the existing core brand equity of ‘Polo - The mint with the hole’.”

He further said, “The brief concept behind the TVC was that it visually depicts the stronger and lasting freshness of Polo Xtra Strong through funny, witty, youthful situations that the target audience can easily relate to. The message behind the TVC was that Polo Xtra Strong is a ‘Hole lot Stronger’ and awakens your senses to stronger, longer lasting freshness. Therefore, ‘Ghanti toh bajegi!’.”

Commenting on the idea behind the TVC, Udayashankar Rao said, “Keeping in mind Polo’s existing personality and the Xtra Strong proposition of the new product, we came up with an idea that uses the sound of an old alarm clock. Just like the alarm clock wakes people up, Polo Xtra Strong wakes you to its strength and freshness. ‘Ghanti toh bajegi’ in the commercials is a creative demonstration of how the stronger product delivers on its promise of freshness. The result is a set of TVCs that are quirky and memorable and naturally adaptable to 360-degree initiatives.”

“The basic message that we have tried to convey in the TVC is that here is a mint so strong that its freshness will awaken your senses,” Rao added.

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