Planman Stars gets confident with Virtual Advertising

Planman Stars gets confident with Virtual Advertising

Author | Tuhina Anand | Thursday, Sep 02,2010 8:20 AM

Planman Stars gets confident with Virtual Advertising

Sports marketing company Planman Stars, a part of the Planman Group, is quite upbeats about the new technology called Virtual Advertising. They had entered into a partnership with US-based Brand Magic sometime in July 2010 to bring this technology to India. Since then, they have used Virtual Advertising during the MicroMax Cup in Sri Lanka and have reported a huge success.

Talking more about this technology, Vikram Tanwar, CEO, Planman Stars, said, “Virtual Advertising has been successfully used abroad. In India, we have tried to take the first step when we introduced the concept at the Micromax Cup and have had great success. Virtual Advertising helps in embedding 3D images, which pop up during the match and the television viewers can watch these 10-second advertising clips. However, these images cannot be seen by live audience. Also, the images do not hamper match viewing on the television as they appear during not so active moments.”

He added, “This type of advertising comes at a premium as its niche and limited and would ideally cost 2-3 times more than a slot in between the match. The reason being that Virtual Advertising manages to get maximum attention as they appear during the match as compared to the ones that appear during a match break where people often switch channels or get up to finish some work.”

One important aspect of Virtual Advertising is that the broadcaster should be amenable to this innovative technology. In fact, the technology can be used for reality shows and product placements as well.

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