Pitara.Com unveils browser for tiny tots

Pitara.Com unveils browser for tiny tots

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 10:38 AM

Pitara.Com unveils browser for tiny tots , a children's site which received an unspecified amount in the first round of funding from ICICI for a 30 per cent stake a few months ago, claims it is embarking on a products and services strategy which will get it revenues from internal accruals The company claims it has already begun generating good revenue through advertisements and sponsorships. On Monday, it launched a kids' browser called 'Krowser', which is designed to automatically screen and block objectionable material not meant for children. Krowser, once installed, gives children access to the cyberspace where they can surf just like any other conventional browser, but it keeps a check on the appropriateness of the site being requested by the user. Once installed, the children cannot use any other browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer to surf the Net. The company is already in the final stage of talks with the Delhi Public School, Shriram and Mother's International for providing Kroswer free of charge. Krowser already boasts of a resource base of over 21,000 sites, more than the Yahooligans, which has only 20,000 sites meant to be accessed by children.
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