Photographer Atul Kasbekar to start ‘Corporate Images’ for image-conscious companies

Photographer Atul Kasbekar to start ‘Corporate Images’ for image-conscious companies

Author | Pritie S Jadhav | Tuesday, Jan 17,2006 7:42 AM

Photographer Atul Kasbekar to start ‘Corporate Images’ for image-conscious companies

“There is a power that a photographer wields even over greater mortals and appeals to their vanity!” these words of his father, who has no connection to the world of images, prompted renowned photographer, Atul Kasbekar to attain greater heights.

In the late 1980s, Kasbekar topped the class at the Brooks Institute of Photography (Santa Barbara); won an achievement award in Advertising & Photography and trained in Los Angeles with legendary photographers. In 1990s, he returned to India and became the best and most versatile lensman. In 2006, the chairperson of the Photographer’s Guild of India is mulling over his next venture called, Corporate Image.

Kasbekar plans to offer a host of convenient photography services to corporates whilst adhering to the stringent corporate standards. He plans to dedicate teams of professional photographers, who will take care of all the requirements of corporate entities – be it in terms of clicking images or styling or standardising dress codes, interiors, etc.

These images can be leveraged for a variety of applications, including corporate presentations, media interactions, etc. Incidentally, Kasbekar has shot leading corporate personalities such as Dr Vijay Mallya, Yogi Deveshwar (ITC), Subir Raha (ONGC) and Ajay Piramal.

“I got this idea while working with Ajay Piramal of the Piramal Group as well as the Achievement Award shoots of corporate chieftains. Most of the Indian corporates claim to be image-conscious, but there is a slip between the cup and the lip. The photographs of a majority of corporate entities don’t conform to the high standard as specified in their internal communication docket guidelines. Even their depiction in reputed business publications leaves a lot to be desired,” says Kasbekar, who plans to bring in a structure to the chaotic way of corporate communication operations.

“We shall ensure that the clients who sign on with us stay away from ludicrous depiction of their corporate identities and also from the hackneyed way of portrayals. It’s a niche space and we shall be the front-runners in this domain. We shall aspire to transform the chaos into a rocket science while ensuring that every image of a company, which goes out into the public domain, adheres to global norms and standards,” Kasbekar adds.

Kasbekar is also confident that the business model is extremely sustainable. “As we work with the companies and create a library of images, our value to the company will increase gradually. The companies will start relying on us more and more.”

Speaking about his secrets in handling corporate chieftains, Kasbekar adds that it helps to invest in a large team of photographers and production assistants. “I don’t have to wear many hats and they take care of the set-ups as well as the drawing board work. And I believe in ensuring that the head honchos are always kept in good spirits and pampered too,” he avers.

He also adds that when he conducts photo-shoots with these business luminaries, he has very little time to do justice to their reputation and relies more on instinct than anything else. And yes, he admits that they do know themselves quite well and exude their personality during their shoots.

“Most people take snaps, some take photographs and very few make images. It’s a science and an art,” maintains Kasbekar.

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