PerceptH Delhi’s high decibel corporate campaign for DLF shows results

PerceptH Delhi’s high decibel corporate campaign for DLF shows results

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Wednesday, May 10,2006 6:46 AM

PerceptH Delhi’s high decibel corporate campaign for DLF shows results

In keeping with DLF’s aggressive growth plans, PerceptH Delhi recently embarked on a multimedia corporate campaign for the real estate major. The first phase of the campaign, worth Rs 40 crore, involved a 360-degree integrated marketing communications approach including Print, TV, Outdoor and a high impact event among other mediums.

The first phase of the campaign, which began in mid-April and concluded on May 1, was researched and tracked by an independent research agency, Prastut. The research was to track the level of awareness and the perceived quality of DLF’s image in key markets and especially where DLF was not known. The research clearly indicates that the campaign, in a short span of time, has enhanced DLF’s image in the North and East, where the brand is well known and respected, and greatly improved awareness in other regions, especially in the West, where it was an unknown entity. The second phase of the campaign will commence this weekend.

Elaborating on the campaign’s success, Percept H Delhi, Head, Amitava Mitra, said, “The three key reasons for the success of this multi-media campaign have been the title sponsorship of the DLF Cup at Abu Dhabi, a special cause led cricket series between India and Pakistan. Cricket loving people all over the country extensively watched this high profile cricket series. The on ground branding was unique and captured the DLF brand live almost every ball, eight hours a day, over two days. A TVC on the live coverage supported this ground effort on the two days. This event gave the brand unprecedented mileage in India and within two days made it a visible and known brand in every household.”

He added that the six ad print campaign across all mainline newspapers and magazines provided the core target an insight into the largeness of the brand and all that the company had achieved in the last 60 years and what it stood for. “The unique and classic look of the ads established the brand values and imagery of the company as that of being a big, solid, trusted, experienced leader in the real estate industry,” Mitra explained.

He further said, “The brilliant media mix and the media strategy of using the DLF Cup and extensive Print, TV and Outdoor ensured high visibility and saliency of the brand. No other brand could have achieved such a high level of awareness and saliency across the country in such a short span of time. The aggressive outdoor campaign covered the 185 cities in India. The second phase of the campaign will be commencing in a few days, to be followed immediately by the third phase. The total budget that the company plans to spend on communication is in the region of around Rs 80 crore.”

Dr Vijay Vancheswar, VP-Corporate Communications, DLF, said, “The campaign had a clear objective towards which each of its vehicles – be it Print, Television or the Outdoor medium – delivered effectively. The objective was to reinforce DLF’s attributes of leadership, quality, innovation and service built over a well-established track record spanning six decades. In turn, we believe that this will further enhance DLF’s reputation and standing as an attractive investment option through its impending public offering.”

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