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PepsiCo launches Gatorade Sports Mix; plans niche advertising to reach its TG

PepsiCo launches Gatorade Sports Mix; plans niche advertising to reach its TG

Author | Tuhina Anand | Thursday, Mar 18,2010 8:44 AM

PepsiCo launches Gatorade Sports Mix; plans niche advertising to reach its TG

With the launch of Gatorade Sports Mix, PepsiCo India has entered into the powder category here. Gatorade, which is a bottled sports drink, has been quickly gaining popularity with the sport and fitness loving Indian youth. The launch of its powdered variety is the brand extension of Gatorade, which has been in the offing for a while.

Gatorade the brand is seen as a high involvement, premium, niche and functional product. The marketing activities planned around it are also niche and targeted at specific consumers. Manjari Upadhyaye, VP-Innovations, PepsiCo India, explained, “Keeping the product in mind, there was a need to design sharp focused marketing activities, which included foremost explaining to our TG what the product is all about and how it can benefit the users. About 80 per cent of our communication involves educating consumers on the basis of sampling.”

She further said, “These will be done through reaching out to points of sweat, including gym, sports club and joggers parks. We have also organised activities with our organised retail partners. We are looking at partnering with 100 big chains, where free sampling will be available besides some gratification to the consumers. And lastly, one will see print advertising created by JWT, which will again encourage sampling of the product.”

These activities will be done in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune, where the product will be available initially. Gatorade Sports Mix would be available in easy to use sachets in Lemon and Orange flavours at an affordable price.

The Gatorade Sports Mix shares synergies with the bottled Gatorade drink in terms of graphics on the sachet that has been available in the market for a while now. Internationally, Gatorade has been associated with notable names in the sports arena to promote its product, and it is understood that if there is an opportunity available, then the current endorsers of Gatorade could be leveraged for communication in India.

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