Parle, too, bites into the 20-20 blitz

Parle, too, bites into the 20-20 blitz

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Friday, Jun 13,2008 8:03 AM

Parle, too, bites into the 20-20 blitz

The recently released TVCs for Parle 20-20 butter cookies cut a long story short and get straight to the point, very much like the T20 format of cricket. Everest Brand Solutions is the creative agency, while Vipin Dhyani is the creative director. Code Red has produced the film, while Gajraj Rao is the director.

The two TVCs, titled ‘Reality Show’ and ‘Coronation’, are aimed at teens and young adults.

Elaborating on the objective and the thought process behind the TVCs, Dhyani said, “20-20 is a cricket-relevant word. The objective was to make it relevant to consumers and their lives. 20-20 stands for a short, instantly gratifying game that ends in three hours. No waiting for long hours for results. More action is crammed into the three hours.”

Dhyani further said, “In today’s times where everybody is on the run, there’s a short cut to everything. Nobody has the time for long-winded speeches or procedures. 20-20 endorses the short, crisp way of doing things. Whatever you do, keep it short.”

The TVC titled ‘Reality Show’ is a humorous take on the plethora of reality shows on television today. As the show’s host embarks on a lengthy speech before declaring the winner, he tests the patience of the audience and the judges. Finally, a musician, who is part of the orchestra that plays during the show, has enough of the constant drone and decides to cut the long story by announcing the name of the winner.

The second TVC, titled ‘Coronation’, shows the coronation ceremony of a crown prince underway. But the royal priest’s eulogy refuses to end, even as the Prince is all too eager to wear the crown. Even as the bored subjects, ailing king and the impatient Prince wait for the royal priest to get over with his chantings and eulogy, a cheeky palace guard puts an end to everyone’s misery by declaring the prince the new king.

Needless to say, both the musician and the palace guard get the idea to cut the long story short while munching on the new Parle 20-20 cookies.

Along with Dhyani, Madhavi Kalra, copywriter, and Zenub Chinwalla, Art Director at Everest Brand Solutions, have also contributed to the making of the TVCs.

Dhyani added that in future, they would work on radio spots and other outdoor activities as well. He also informed that they had proposed a plan for advertising on the web too. However, as of now nothing has been confirmed yet.

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