Parle revamps brand Krackjack; brings out its ‘duality’

Parle revamps brand Krackjack; brings out its ‘duality’

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Tuesday, Sep 22,2009 8:52 AM

Parle revamps brand Krackjack; brings out its ‘duality’

In a bid to infuse some freshness in the brand, Parle has undertaken a revamp exercise for its sweet and salty biscuit brand Krackjack. And to support this revamp, Parle has also unveiled a new communication strategy, along with changing the logo colour and packaging. The campaign has been conceptualised by Vipin Dyani’s Thoughtshop India and is produced by Codered Films.

Parle Krackjack has come up with three TV commercials titled ‘Politician’, ‘Saas Bahu’ and ‘Romeo’. The ‘Politician’ and ‘Saas Bahu’ TVCs are already on air, while the ‘Romeo’ TVC will be released soon.

Parle Krackjack was launched in 1972 and has created a category by itself. Prior to this, there were various kinds of biscuits available in the market – Glucose, Marie, salted biscuits, sweet cookies, etc. Krackjack was first of its kind, which had a perfect combination of a sweet and salty taste, thereby creating a separate category.

Brand Objective and Strategy:

The brand objective has been to increase the market share in the category and set up a new image for the brand. Speaking on the strategy, Bhavin Panchamia, Product Manager, Parle, explained, “Brand strategy stems from the objective of regaining market leadership. Parle decided on a complete brand revamp. The single thought on which the whole brand revamp is based is ‘Duality’.”

He added, “Krackjack is a cracker format and consumed as a light snack. Hence, fun and humour needs to be an integral part of the communication. Hence, we have done the same and created a property of ‘Krackjack – Pole Khol’.”

The brand has introduced new characters ‘Krack & Jack’. The brand has roped in Swapnil Joshi (as Krack) and Gaurav Gera (as Jack), both well-known TV personalities. On this association, Panchamia said, “Both of them are quite popular and young, this will make the brand more contemporary and youthful, and they complement each other very well as Krack and Jack.”

‘Kracking’ the campaign idea:

According to Panchamia, the primary communication objective was to improve the brand image, thereby induce more trials and increase brand loyalty. He informed, “The challenge for the brand is to get the consumers back to the brand fold. The communication challenge was to convey ‘Duality’ in an interesting manner, coupled with reincarnation of Krack and Jack. This made the communication more challenging, as it was a task to re-establish the characters and still communicate the right message in an interesting manner.”

Personifying Duality:

Thus, from the basic communication of sweet and salty taste, the brand has communicated ‘Duality’ by personifying it in terms of personality, attitudes and lifestyles. This idea is carried forward by their characters, and then in turn is converted into a property called ‘Krackjack - Pole Khol’.

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