P9 Integrated eyes 50 pc share of brand entertainment space market by the end of 2006

P9 Integrated eyes 50 pc share of brand entertainment space market by the end of 2006

Author | Pritie S Jadhav | Thursday, Mar 30,2006 9:44 AM

P9 Integrated eyes 50 pc share of brand entertainment space market by the end of 2006

P9 Integrated is riding high these days under the new leadership of Navin Shah. Shah, who joined P9 as its CEO after moving on from Group M’s BroadMind, is making sure that the right kind of buzz is created.

The year has started just right for P9 as it has already managed to put in place five brand-movie association deals. The five deals are high visibility and noticeable associations, which P9 has been instrumental in, and these include ITZ Cash and ‘Maalamal Weekly’, Bombay Dyeing and ‘Taxi No 9211’, Cox & Kings and ‘Holiday’, Gabbana and ‘Family’, and a product placement deal in a Malayalam film for a FMCG product.

Said Shah, “The first quarter is usually considered to be a slow and slack quarter, but here we are cracking five deals. The market is increasingly moving towards associative marketing, which is relatively detached with the faith of the film as compared to product placement, which is more integral. We believe that associative marketing will be a new way of marrying the brand and the entertainment property and thus, leveraging the maximum benefit for the two. And this is precisely where P9 has a strong advantage.”

P9 commands a 40 per cent market share of the Rs 200 crore brand entertainment space market. “The industry is growing fast and is estimated to be worth Rs 700 crore in the next five years. The important thing in this brand entertainment space industry is awareness. We have set ourselves a target of having 20 entertainment AORs by the year-end, the first being MTV. But for this to happen, we will have to actively explain to brands as to what an entertainment AOR exactly is,” explained Shah.

The company is eyeing a 50 per cent market share by the end of 2006. “So far we have just scratched the surface and there is tremendous potential. The ratio of untapped market is much larger than the tapped one, so we are aiming for the former,” Shah added.

For the second quarter of the year, P9 already has about eight deals in place, and one of them is a major association with the much anticipated and awaited new kind of movie of 2006, the name of which Shah is very reluctant to divulge at this stage.

There have been many successful examples in the space of in-film placements. And if this market has to grow, the players – P9, MATES, BroadMind, Matrix – and all the others catering to some segment of this large market will have come together in marketing their own efforts and eventually grow the market.

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