Ozone Media ties up with The Media Trust to provide malware protection

Ozone Media ties up with The Media Trust to provide malware protection

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Feb 10,2015 8:53 AM

Ozone Media ties up with The Media Trust to provide malware protection

Ozone Media has tied-up with The Media Trust, a company in monitoring and protecting the online and mobile advertising ecosystem, to provide real-time malware protection via Ozone Media’s programmatic platform. The partnership demonstrates Ozone Media’s commitment to combat the explosive growth in ad-based malware and pre-emptive measures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the online and mobile advertising value chain.

The Media Trust’s media scanner service provides 24x7 protection against malware secretly embedded in ad tags. Once the proprietary ad tags scanning technology detects something suspicious or malicious, it immediately notifies Ozone Media so it can be removed and blocked. The SaaS-based service also provides an in-depth analysis of each anomaly detected, which leads to a better understanding of the malicious code's pathway, origins, intent and overall design. With the media scanner service, Ozone Media gains granular, real-time visibility and control over ad tags being served via its programmatic platform.

The media scanner service scans ad tags both pre-flight and in flight. With the former, the service conducts a thorough pre-scan of ads prior to a campaign launch, scanning any number of user-defined geographies with multiple browser, OS and device-type combinations. Once the ad placement is live, media scanner conducts continuous, 24x7scanning of the ad tags, detecting and alerting for the duration of the campaign.

“The threat of malvertising shows no signs of abating, so it’s critical the online and mobile advertising ecosystem proactively protect consumers from being infected with malware,” said Chris Olson, co-founder and CEO, The Media Trust. “Given Ozone Media’s leadership role in programmatic and retargeted advertising, this partnership helps better protect major publishers, other ad-supported websites and their customers,” he said.

“Potentially, more threatening to our clients than their greatest competitor is malvertising, which causes significant harm to a client’s revenue and brand reputation,” said Raj Beri, COO, Ozone Media. “Our partnership with The Media Trust safeguards the advertising ecosystem against this threat and strengthens our core mission to deliver the strongest available ad tech solutions to our customers,” he added.

This announcement comes on the heels of recent partnerships with ad fraud expert Forensiq and ad tech leader AppNexus.


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