Outlook Traveller readies for an Offline Avatar

Outlook Traveller readies for an Offline Avatar

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Outlook Traveller readies for an Offline Avatar

Starting June, interesting innovation will attract media analysts and buyers. Drawing inspirations from www.outlooktraveller.com, ‘Outlook Traveller’, a print magazine will hit the stands. Priced at Rs. 50 per issue, this monthly will aim at attracting an increasing number of affluent Indians who plan and travel for holidays. Trade or in-flight magazines are currently catering to this niche.

Positioned as “Premium travel magazine for reading pleasure and travel planning”, this magazine will be sampled through the May issues of Outlook and Intelligent Investor. To mop up subscribers, limited-period attractive scheme that offers discounts up to 60% on cover price and assured goodies will break with these samplers.

“Eventually it would be a subscriber driven magazine. Direct sales would include bulk sales to Airlines, resorts, Hotels etc,” says R. Rajmohan, General Manager (Advertising) at Outlook India.

As a media vehicle, it should appeal to the marketers of travel related products and services like Airlines, Hotels, Resorts, Indian and Foreign tourism Boards. Given the affluent audience that it will appeal to, lifestyle products and services can also contribute to advertising revenues.

The Card rate for full page is pegged at Rs. 75,000 while the Double spread will cost twice as much. Industry sources mention that to push the initial issues, the magazine is offered at highly discounted rates. The ‘Charter’ advertisers can also benefit from the presence in the ‘samplers’ that will reach out to all readers of Outlook and Intelligent Investor.

www.outlooktraveller.com, launched last year, has met with reasonable success. The current advertisers include Home Trade, Cry and Net4india.com. The online ad sales management is likely to be outsourced. It remains to be seen as to how the online and offline presence will be harnessed to provide higher deliveries to advertisers.

Given the innovative marketing, strong content and learning from the online presence, Outlook Travellers may well travel many many roads.

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