Online pitching, buying and selling of ideas comes to India with OpenAd

Online pitching, buying and selling of ideas comes to India with OpenAd

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Thursday, Dec 22,2005 8:08 AM

Online pitching, buying and selling of ideas comes to India with OpenAd

Industry experts have commented on how pitching processes and exchange of ideas have evolved in the industry, but with OpenAd, the concept has gone to the next level. brings buyers and sellers of ideas on the same platform and is extending this by bringing in a gallery of ideas to its users.

Top on the agenda of the organisation is to commence full-fledged operations in India in 2006 and it is in the process of looking for an Indian representative.

Throwing more light on the nature of the operations, Nina Dinjaski, Business Development Manager,, explained, “OpenAd is a platform where anyone with a creative idea can upload the idea and anyone looking for the idea or wanting something fresh and different can come together and exchange the idea. The online pitching is a very important component of the site and we’ve had some big companies utilising the site for their requirements and more importantly coming back to us.”

In addition to online pitching, the site has now gone through a change, where a gallery section has been introduced. Various ideas become a part of this gallery. Users can access the site and, in case they like an idea, can buy it off the site.

A point to be noted here is how are these ideas protected? Dinjaski explained that the organisation had taken much care to ensure protection, “The operations are protected by the courts of England and Wales, which have far more evolved Copyright Laws. Our processes are elaborate enough to sign people, who want access to these ideas and even track the IP addresses and other such details of the people, who will access the site and which ideas they have clicked on.”

International men’s magazine FHM, Mercedes-Benz, MTV, Matador, and are among the clients of OpenAd. “FHM actually is an interesting example,” said Dinjaski, adding, “The winning ad was Avinash Sampath, who is from Saatchi & Saatchi, Dubai. The relation was taken further, where FHM wanted him to work with them.”

Dinjaski is full of such stories, where this unusual concept has been able to secure some deals that have saved many both time and money. The organisation is also in the process of doing something for students now, where it has instituted a concept where students across the world can participate. “This exposes them to international advertising leaders,” she explained.

On India plans, she said, “There has been much participation from India on the site so far and we are looking for an Indian representative right now so that we can launch full-fledged operations in India. You will hear more on this from us next year.”

While Dinjaski is clear that at present, the site filled the smaller needs of agencies like one-off campaigns or interactive or online ideas, she is sure that the site is well on its way to making its own place in the creative discipline.

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