Online ads to grow by 116 times: IDC

Online ads to grow by 116 times: IDC

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Online ads to grow by 116 times: IDC

The study, which analysed the opportunity for online advertising in South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, China, and Taiwan, predicts that online advertising in Asia-Pacific is expected to grow from $225 million in 2001 to $702 million in 2004, with a growth rate of 46 per cent.

Despite current negative market sentiment surrounding the Net economy in Asia-Pacific, there has been an overall increase in online advertising spending by traditional companies, while online advertising spending by dotcoms is all but dead, says the report.

Interactive Advertising Bureau and member companies DoubleClick Inc and MSN have unveiled individual studies on the effectiveness of branding on the Internet.

The studies find that the standard IAB 468 x 60 banner ad increases brand awareness, message association, brand favourability and purchase intent.

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