One needs to be proud like a navy, but fight like pirates: Agnello Dias

One needs to be proud like a navy, but fight like pirates: Agnello Dias

Author | Deepa Balasubramanian | Friday, Feb 07,2014 9:22 AM

One needs to be proud like a navy, but fight like pirates: Agnello Dias

Kerala Publicity Bureau celebrated its 50th anniversary in Kerala on February 5, 2014. There was a discussion on Taking Kerala brands forward.

Addressing the audience, Agnello Dias, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Taproot India said, “When I was told to come here and speak about taking Kerala brands forward, I thought a lot about it because coming from a city like Mumbai, we don’t think about our roots too much and are purely Mumbaikars.”

Dias started his conversation by quoting what Arundhati Roy, once said, “Flags are bits of coloured cloth that governments use first to shrink-wrap people’s brains and then as ceremonial shrouds to bury the dead.”

He said taking brands beyond any home state (Kerala) is to first forget that you are from Kerala. The whole idea of survival in the corporate world today is to imagine that we are starting anew every time. According to him, one needs to be proud like a navy, but fight like pirates. Unless that combination is adopted, in today’s world, no brand can achieve true success in a highly competitive market.

Dias added, “It’s all about here and now. When a young child in Bihar feels hungry, the emotion of anger or sadness that it experiences is the same in Kerala. They may express it differently but it’s the same emotion.You have got to stop thinking that there are certain things unique to Kerala because that will not let one go ahead. My work involves unifying emotions into a homogeneous world.”

He peppered his speech with interesting example of ads that have had a lasting effect on the minds of the consumers. Among them were Airtel, Pepsi, The Times of India’s Aman Ki Asha, Mumbai Mirror, Bombay Times and Nike.

“All these messages were universally accepted. So, if the right insight is shown through the emotions of anger, love, hate, then no matter which state you are from, the ad will be appreciated across the country,” he stated.

Having worked with brands across India, and being one of the most sought after men in the ad industry, Dias knew just how to left the audience riveted. He remarked that relatives and clients can’t be chosen in life.

Posing a question to the audience, he ended his speech, “Does the popularity of cricket go down because there are less people from the South? No, never. It’s the same in advertising or brand communication.”


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