Onads Communications brings out the fun element for The Sports Bar

Onads Communications brings out the fun element for The Sports Bar

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Saturday, Apr 11,2009 8:53 AM

Onads Communications brings out the fun element for The Sports Bar

The Sports Bar has come up with a new campaign promoting the brand amongst corporates in the catchment areas of Bangalore and Gurgaon. The media mix focuses on on-ground, radio, PR, online and in-store activities. The campaign has been conceptualised by Jignesh Maniar’s Onads Communications and is themed around the current phase of recession and titled ‘The Corporate Bailout of Fun’.

The campaign broke in three phases that included a teaser campaign, revealer, and launch of the new campaign. The campaign targets both males and females above 21 years of age, besides corporates in the catchment areas.

Explaining the through process, Onads’ Maniar said, “The current phase of recession has changed the lifestyles of many people and eliminated the ‘fun’ element from their lives. Hence, the campaign is themed as ‘The Corporate Bailout of Fun’.”

He further said, “The challenge was to combat the low spirits among people due to the recession by offering a refreshing bailout package.”

Taking this thought process further, the first phase – the teaser campaign – was launched on April 3, 2009, in the catchment areas. The objective was to build intrigue and directed onlookers to join the ‘Save Fun’ group on Facebook. The activation idea included people with mime faces walking around in high congregation points in the catchment areas with posters on them that read “Fun is dying” and nurses trying to save ‘Fun’ that is being laid on a stretcher and taken away.

The second phase, which was launched on April 6, 2009, revealed ‘Sports Bar presents the Corporate Bailout of Fun.’ The promotion of the campaign followed as ‘All domestic liquor is for or below Rs 99’.

The last phase is the launch of the final campaign ‘Corporate bailout of Fun’ at Sports Bar. Maniar explained, “It was made sure that no communication mode was left untouched.”

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