OMD takes its first bite with Parle Agro

OMD takes its first bite with Parle Agro

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, May 09,2007 9:09 AM

OMD takes its first bite with Parle Agro

OMD has not even officially announced itself but the company is already claiming its share in media space. Jasmin Sohrabji came in as the Managing Director of the entity and Harish Shriyan soon joined in. The immediate mandate that the duo faces is setting up the OMD operations in India and the start is not bad, with Parle Agro deciding to move its media duties to OMD. Even as the industry word is ripe that Grey Worldwide may soon lose the creative business of Parle Agro too, there are no changes in the creative duties at present.

Speaking more on the reasons of doing so, Nadia Chauhan Kurup, Head, Innovative Marketing, Parle Agro, said, “We worked very closely with Harish while he was at Mediacom. Both Harish and Jasmin added a lot of value to our business and we found that the output helped us achieve all our targets.”

She added, “Harish and Jasmine were always involved and aware of what was happening on our account and always gave their inputs. Their experience in the industry added a lot of value. Our move to OMD is contributed mainly to the fact that we wanted to continue our relationship with Harish and Jasmin.”

When quested on the creative duties, she said, “As of now, our creative duties are with Grey Worldwide.”

OMD has taken its first bite and the big question is who all are set to lose from their pie as the agency establishes itself further.

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