OMD creates brand integration for J&J’s Stayfree with TV soap ‘Radha Ki Betiyaan’

OMD creates brand integration for J&J’s Stayfree with TV soap ‘Radha Ki Betiyaan’

Author | Nitin Sharma | Monday, Jul 21,2008 8:24 AM

OMD creates brand integration for J&J’s Stayfree with TV soap ‘Radha Ki Betiyaan’

OMD India has come up with an innovative brand integration for Johnson & Johnson’s Stayfree Secure Ultrathins brand. The brand, which sports a tagline: ‘Teen Ki Shakti’ (indicating that it offers three times better absorption), has been integrated into the storyline of ‘Radha Ki Betiyaan - Kuch Kar Dikhayeingi’, a family soap on NDTV Imagine.

The integrated campaign is going on air from today, July 21, wherein the Stayfree Secure Ultrathins brand has been woven into the storyline over the next five episodes till August 11.

Commenting on the initiative, Samhita Bakre, Head of J&J AOR, OMD, said, “Stayfree Secure Ultrathins is one of the prestigious launches of Johnson & Johnson in India, and we wanted to go beyond a regular TV plan for the brand. The team came up with an idea, wherein the product could become a part of the script that could be related with the characters who are already household names, and in this case the characters had to be female.”

“‘Radha ki Betiyaan - Kuch kar Dikhayeingi’ was identified as an ideal platform, wherein we integrated the brand proposition into the storyline so that the entire theme could be both engaging and creative. They being three girls (Rohini, Raghini and Ruchi), and that too simple, girls-next-door type, fitted in very well within the Stayfree footprint. We then integrated the thought in the storyline - ‘wherein the three sisters will have to come together and accomplish an interesting task’. This integration is special for us because it’s for a category that’s kind of a taboo as one can’t do so many things openly.”

Bakre further said, “When you talk of integration, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is the product placement. For this category, we have surpassed all the limitations and have integrated the brand proposition, instead of the actual brand.”

Adding a word on NDTV and McCann, Bakre said, “Also, it’s not just a post-production form of integration like an ‘Aston’ brand, we have instead gone ahead and integrated the brand proposition at the script level itself… and had our client not been open to this idea, we couldn’t have done this out-of box piece of work. Also, I must mention, both the teams of NDTV Imagine and McCann Erickson (creative agency for Stayfree) have been of a great support in this.”

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